Celebrate the Fourth Of July with Protein party foods to maintain those gains

Party nights and holidays are perfect times to be around friends, family, and food. Yet, most celebratory treats are famously high in calories and low in nutrients, which could damage your muscle gains. The solution? Consuming food with high protein content. These make you will feel full for longer and less tempted by refined carbs and fat.

Intaking a high-quality source of protein before or after a workout can fire up muscle protein synthesis, accelerate your recovery, and fuel adaptation. Unsurprisingly, higher protein diets have shown to be directly linked to improved strength and performance. On average, it’s recommended that an athlete should consume between 1.4 to 2g of protein per kg of body weight a day.

An adequate protein intake is key to improve muscular repair and adaptation, allowing for increased exercising strength and performance. Athletes following a plant-based or low in animal-based protein diet should consider combining multiple sources of proteins. Plant food sources are not as rich in essential amino acids, thus the need to combine multiple sources in the diet.

Experts at MyProtein shared with us their top protein-rich party foods ideas to celebrate this 4th of July without compromising your workout gains.

Four high protein party food perfect for Independence Day

Ploughman’s boards

Ploughman’s boards are great party sharers, equally perfect for small and larger gatherings. Filled with ham and cheese, these cold platters provide all nine essential amino acids to build and repair muscle.

Explore different flavor pairings by serving them together with a selection of fresh bread, boiled eggs, pickles, nuts, seasonal fruit, and raw vegetables.

Fruit Popsicles

On a hot day, nothing is better than a refreshing popsicle. If you don’t want your tough workout gains go to waste, why not try a clear protein blend and fruits combo? This low sugar and high-protein popsicle is perfect as an evening treat or as a post-workout cooldown refresher!

Protein Donuts

Protein donuts are perfect for satisfying that sweet fix without compromising your muscle gains. To celebrate independence day, you can show off your cooking skills by baking your loved ones tasty red and blue glazed protein donuts!

Try this protein donut recipe written by a Myprotein nutritionist.

Peanut butter energy balls

Peanut butter energy balls are an easy and quick way to intake the proteins your muscles need. Two tablespoons of natural peanut butter can provide 8g of protein, as well as a good serving of healthy fats to boost the health of your heart.

You can also make your own peanut butter by blending blanched peanuts and a pinch of salt into a paste.

Feeling hungry? There are plenty more protein packed recipes here.

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