VR sex

The Future Of Sex: How VR Will Change Your Sex Life Forever

VR sex is a thing now. Not only is it readily available today and fully interactive, it’s also on the cusp of irrevocably changing your sex life forever.

It’s widely accepted that there’s always a sexual undertone behind the driving forces of many technological advances. Let’s face it, sex is the MO for many of our primal-driven choices in life. Today, we have everything from smart doorbells to smart lightbulbs, so the crossover of innovation into the bedroom just makes sense. It seems your mind is not the only thing technology can blow! Just. Wow.

“It seems your mind is not the only thing technology can blow! Just. Wow.”

My previous knowledge of VR sex was pretty much limited to that famous scene out of the nineties classic Demolition Man where Sly Stallone returns to the seemingly utopian streets of LA after being cryo-genetically frozen and finds himself in an unfamiliar future metropolis. After plenty of on-screen flirting with Sandra Bullock’s cop character, she asks him if he fancies getting it on, only to be met with anticlimactic disappointment after pulling out a VR helmet that emulates sexual arousal.

Watching in my youth, the movie seemed like pure sci-fi, but post-COVID, the concept of outlawed physical interaction seems totally feasible as we become more and more introspective as a society. Unrelated side note, that film also accurately predicted Arnold Schwarzenegger’s glorious pivot into politics.

World Of VR Sex

So, being relatively oblivious to the world of VR sex, I was intrigued by the emerging development of a full-on metaverse sex platform that allows one to experience the tactile sensations of a romp between the sheets without all the inconvenience of exchanging bodily fluids.

A VR prodigy, who has chosen to remain anonymous due to high-profile government projects of the non-sexual variety, provides the lowdown on the cutting-edge technology he’s currently working on.

“We are developing a new electro-stimulation thin forearm glove for women that sits on their arm between their wrist and their elbow,” begins my anonymous interviewee. “When remotely activated (either in a VR scene or via a mobile app) the glove will stimulate the muscles in the arm to move the fingers on your hand without the brain having any control.

“This allows someone to control another person’s fingers from anywhere in the world. You can think where this might lead!

VR sex

“You will be able to put a VR headset on and feel like you are right next to the actors, have them look directly into your eyes, or touch you through a haptic suit”

“There are also different makes of full haptic suits out there in the market, which all offer slightly different features,” he continues. “Some provide electro stimulus, including haptic air and touch devices. They range from £3k to 13k.”

Yes, a DM dick pic may soon be superseded by something more immersive.

“The things we are shooting will add a new dimension to watching porn. You can put a VR headset on and feel like you are next to the actors, have them look directly into your eyes, or touch you through a haptic suit.

“Currently, we are filming 3D 180° porn, which will be the best in the market until headsets get higher resolution. Eventually, you can meet anyone inside VR and interact with them wearing haptic suits.

 “A DM dick pic may soon be superseded by something more immersive.”

“Things get even weirder when you can make your own VR character based on anyone you have a photo or video of!”

The thought of someone being able to download a picture of a stranger from their social media, create their avatar clone and perform all freaky exploits in their image sounds frightening! And what about the potential to fuel addiction or encourage the agoraphobia amongst us never to leave the house again?

“In the same way people got addicted to computer games, PC porn and TV, people will get addicted to 3D porn and eventually volumetric interactive porn scenes,” reveals Mr. Anonymous. The stupefying potential to enhance our love lives also has a sinister undertone. But, of course, that’s what they said when TV was first introduced.

It’s official, the sexual revolution is upon us, and the prophetic Demolition Man sex world of the future is quickly becoming a (virtual) reality.

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