5 Ways To End Your Dating Drought This Winter

5 Ways To End Your Dating Drought This Winter

Wintertime can leave even the most devout singles craving some romance. Swipe right for 5 dating expert-approved tips to end your dating drought.

Author: Charlene Douglas

As winter slowly approaches and the evenings become darker earlier, it can be a particularly lonely time for many single people. If you weren’t lucky enough to find your perfect partner during the summer months, then winter is the ideal time to get stuck into romantic nights at home cuddling in front of a log fire.

For those who didn’t quite find their Romeo or Juliet this summer and may have given up hope: all is not lost. There are many single people hoping to meet a special someone this winter, so here are my top 5 tips to meeting your new lover this winter.

Online dating

Many people will be staying at home in the warmth of their house this winter, which means that lots of single people will be downloading their favorite dating app to meet prospective partners virtually. Fitafy is the perfect choice for singletons looking to meet a partner who’s interested in health and fitness. Remember to choose your best pictures for your profile that provide a flavor of who you are, like an image of yourself at the gym or taking part in a charity run. It can sometimes feel impossible to know what to write on your profile but try including some info about an adventure that you have taken part in this year and the reasons why you did it. Remember, a great way to show your fun side (other than fab pictures) is by adding a flirty line, such as “I absolutely love hiking with my dog. Hey maybe next time you can join us?”

Get out and about

Get out and about

Winters can be super-cold, but when you’re single, you don’t want to miss out on an opportunity to meet your new partner. Maybe you’re hoping that the next time your doorbell rings it will be the love of your life telling you that they’ve knocked every door on your street to find you, but unfortunately for most people life doesn’t quite work like that.

Try to schedule at least two-to-three outings every week. They don’t have to be big events, but anything from going to a local bar, library, grocery store, park and so on – provides you with the chance to meet different people.

Find a hobby

Find a hobby that you absolutely love! Avoid selecting a hobby simply with the hope of meeting someone, because if it doesn’t quite work out that way, you may find yourself feeling quite disappointed. If you love to dance, then registering with a salsa or street dance class is a fantastic way to stay in shape, have fun, and of course meet new people. Some of these classes provide after parties too, so if you had your eyes on someone during your class, you can swing your hips over to them during the party.

Make it known that you’re seeking a partner

seeking a partner

Your network is bound to be full of eligible single folk. Your friends may never remember to recommend them to you, if you haven’t made it known that you’re looking for love. You never know if your bestie’s work colleague has confided in them that they’re feeling a bit lonely and would love to meet someone… cue you with a fresh trim and a chance lunchtime coffee shop meeting. There’s no shame in feeling ready to fall in love. We’ve all been there!

Use social media to your advantage

A gorgeous person has just followed you on Instagram. You’ve never met them before, but you love their profile picture. What do you do? Yes that’s right, follow them back. If they catch the bait and say “hi”, then great, but if they don’t, what’s stopping you from sending them a “Hey, how you doing?” message. They followed you first, so the likelihood is that they’re interested in you. Now comes the investigative work to find out if they’re single. There’s so much fun to be had with this type of interaction.

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