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The Changing Casino Floor: Artificial Intelligence and The Future of The Gaming Industry

How AI technology is shifting the narrative of addictive gambling to responsible gaming.

If it’s been a while since you stepped inside of a casino, or if you’ve never stepped inside one, then you’ve missed quite a few changes. Artificial intelligence (AI) has made its way into the gaming industry and it’s making a lot of noise. Let’s see why AI is crucial for the future of the gaming industry.

Tech and software company AXES is using their AI technology to interpret billions of pieces of player, machine, time, and space data to create value, streamline operations while simultaneously working to remove fraud, theft and money laundering. Their modernized tech can also prevent addictive gambling and is shifting the narrative of gambling, to one of responsible gaming. 

“Ticket-in-ticket-out (TiTo) was an early cashless innovation from the 1990s that was a half-step toward cashless. TiTo got rid of the coin hoppers and all the operational inefficiencies, but it didn’t create a defense against money laundering. It may have accelerated it, because instead of coming in with 600 pounds of quarters, all you’ve got to do now is come in with 600 $20 bills, accumulate 10 or 15 TiTo tickets, and cash them out. You’re still anonymous. Closed-loop KYC (Know Your Client) cashless systems can personalize marketing programs to each individual and reward them for their loyalty, quantitatively track and detect addictive gambling, and detect money laundering, so we can turn the gaming industry into the safest, most fun, legitimate entertainment industry on the planet,” explains Earle Hall, CEO of AXES. 

Now with the implementation of AI in gaming, it’s more crucial than ever to continue to develop this technology for a better and safer gaming experience for us all. 

Hall goes on to say, “Firstly, and most importantly, our innovative tools protect the information from tampering by IoT, cloud, and AI monitoring, alerts, and alarms. If someone is trying to do anything they are not supposed to, our clients know in real time. Secondly, we offer our clients a seamless path to cashless operations. We are fintech at heart. Our focus is to remove cash, coin, and fraud from the casino floor to ensure that human-to-machine transactions are done via a traceable, transparent method. Cashless also provides for critical KYC and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) data as well as Predictive Addictive Gambling (PAG) information which evolves the player session from gambling to gaming, just another form of entertainment with a very low risk of crime or addiction. Our goal is to protect and predict using IoT, Blockchain, and AI.”

Their mission is simple. AXES wants to change the narrative from gambling to gaming, while assisting businesses and their customers alike. Seeking to reduce fraud, money laundering, and theft while helping customers engage in a responsible, cashless gaming environment, they aim to reduce gambling addiction and the potentially harmful patterns associated with it.

The Billion Dollar Gaming Industry.

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