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“Quit trying to get rid of your problems. Get bigger, more interesting problems!” Says Billionaire Grant Cardone

Endeavouring to accumulate bigger problems? It might sound counterintuitive, but Grant Cardone has a very wise rationalization as to why we should all be striving to.

There’s a wealth of self-improvement guidance out there for those looking to become the best version of themselves. Perhaps one of the most seemingly capricious comes courtesy of outspoken trillionaire in the making, Grant Cardone, who encourages us all to pursue bigger problems. Read on to discover why it might just be one the wisest pieces of advice we’ve heard.

With a collection of best-selling books, a net worth that has exceeded the billion-dollar mark, and his own personal private jet, Grant Cardone’s rags to riches story has won him worldwide legion of diehard fans that cling to his every word. From the fiscal to the fundamental, Grant has never been shy of sharing his often-provocative viewpoints but this one really hit home. 

During a recent chinwag for Muscle and Health, Grant Cardone touched upon an unorthodox concept that made a lasting impression on his interviewer, Editor-in-Chief, Danni Levy, which she deemed as “perhaps the best advice one can glean the inspiring tycoon.”

Grant Cardone in the sauna

He’s notorious for his candid opinions, but this stance seemed at first, to contradict our every basic human instinct; to seek out bigger and more interesting problems. If you’re already averse to staying in the comfort zone, you’re going to like this one. 

“We all need problems,” begins Grant avidly. “People love problems. People purchase problems, they date problems, they go shopping for problems. When they don’t have problems, they manufacture problems” says the mogul.

“I can’t empathize this enough: Quit trying to get rid of your problems. Get bigger, more interesting problems!” Grant reiterates for maximum affect. 

“The problem with problems is that most of them are just no fun anymore. So, go get some new, big, giant problems.” 

“Often, when people achieve their goals or get what they thought would make them happy, they actually become depressed” he says. “This is because there’s always going to be another thing, the next thing. It doesn’t have to be about money, it could be reaching an ideal body weight. There’s always got to be that next level of potential that keeps people interested.”

The notion of always having something to strive for seems a poignant justification to seek out bigger and better problems to solve, and distraction is certainly an effective means to sidestep the struggles of everyday life. 

If we’re all inclined to absorb ourselves in the mundane trials and tribulations life inevitably throws at us, we may as well seek out more profound problems to level-up our self-improvement game. 

Now, where can we order one of Grant’s ‘Trillionaire in the making’ t-shirts? 


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