Don Saladino’s Movie Star Workout

The 3x weekly circuit Don prescribes to movie stars as a workout

This full-body workout focuses on mobility, strength training and fat burning in unison. Perform each set as a circuit with as little rest as possible between sets.

First stage

3 Mobility Moves

Couch stretch – 2 x 30 secs

Couch Stretches for a Movie Star Workout

Hip 90/90 – 2 x 30 secs

Hip 90/90 workout

Inverted hamstring – 2 x 10

Inverted Hamstring stretch for a Movie Star Workout

Second stage of the Movie Star Workout

Jump | Throw | Carry

Medicine ball slams – 2 x 10

Medicine ball slams

Lateral bounds – 2 x 10

Lateral bounds for a Movie Star Workout

Farmer’s walks – 2 x 25 yards

Farmer’s walks

Third stage

Full Body Circuit

8 movements with 15-30 seconds rest in-between exercises

Split squats – 3 x 8

Split squats for a Movie Star Workout

Single arm row – 3 x 10

Single arm row

Side raises – 3 x 10

Side raises

Tricep kick backs – 3 x 10

Tricep kick backs for a Movie Star Workout

Romanian deadlifts – 3 x 10

Romanian deadlifts

Dumbbell floor press – 3 x 10

Dumbbell floor press for a Movie Star Workout

Bicep curls – 3 x 10

Bicep curls

Hanging knee raises – 3 x 10

Following this movie star workout will have you looking like a star in no time.

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