Words by Danni Levy

At 74-years-old, WWE legend Ric Flair is no stranger to a good party. Famed for his wild drinking, he’s found a new tipple in the form of Lion’s Mane and Cordyceps, regularly mixed with vodka, of course!

Said to enhance physical performance, boost brain power and even help reduce the risk of cancer, functional mushrooms are the latest movers and shakers of the experimental health industry. And Ric reveals that when it comes to living a healthy but fun lifestyle, he has his house in order.

“Red Bull is just good for two or three hours,” he told Muscle and Health editor, Danni Levy. “But Wooooo is BOOM. That stuff will last you all day.

“I drank one at seven o’clock the other night and at five AM I was looking at the ceiling.”

“I drink booze every day. A lot. I drink Mic ULTRA or vodka, cranberries, soda, and a squeeze of a lime, plus a bottle of water. My blood work just came back. The doctor looked at me and said, “It’s a miracle.” He said, “The only thing I’d recommend is you drink more water if you’re going to keep drinking that much alcohol.”

“Now that I’ve launched Wooooo Energy, not only am I healthier than ever, I’m making more money than ever in my life.”

“You can pour Wooooo onto vodka. Any flavor works. After three vodkas, it doesn’t make a difference. But honestly, dump that into vodka and there’s five hours of energy right there. That’s the real deal.

“I had some really major anxiety issues in ’89 and I became addicted to Xanax. But now I’ve got a hold of cannabis and functional mushrooms, I can strictly sleep with edibles and booze and have no anxiety and no need for pills.”



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