myrkl hangover pills

The End of The Beer Belly – Formula in New Food Supplement Burns Up To 70% Of the Calories from Alcohol Within 60 Minutes of Drinking

It’s bye bye beer belly thanks to a supplement that absorbs the calories in alcohol. What wizardry is this we speak of? What’s taken science so long? And most importantly, how can we get our hands on some?

Scientists have revealed a ground-breaking benefit to a world-first supplement, Myrkl – not only can it leave you feeling refreshed after a big night out, but it can also negate the need to worry over every calorie in your drink.

  • Myrkl contains AB001™, the first formula in history to break down up to 70% of alcohol within 60 minutes
  • AB001™ also metabolizes up to 70% of the calories within alcoholic drinks within 60 minutes 

myrkl hangover pills

The team of scientists behind Myrkl (pronounced ‘mi-ruh-kl’) has revealed that the formula it contains, AB001™, is not only the first in human history to show a promising ability to break down alcohol consumed before it reaches the liver – but at the same time, it also metabolizes – or ‘burns’ – some of the calories in the alcohol consumed.

Although conducted on a small scale, a published independent and peer-reviewed study demonstrated that AB001™ managed to break down up to 70% of alcohol within 60 minutes (and 50% after 30 minutes) after consumption.

AB001™ also burns calories at the same rate and at the same timescales that it burns the alcohol consumed. So, after 60 minutes, up to 70% of the calories consumed will have been metabolized. 

A further independent six-month-long study on the impact of AB001™ on weight loss has just been completed, with promising results.

Frederic Fernandez, Head of Group at Myrkl, comments: “Alcoholic drinks are known for being notoriously high calorie, due to not only the sugar content in the alcohol but also the other ingredients that are paired with it. Thankfully, our scientists have shown that AB001™, the active formulation in Myrkl, can leave you feeling refreshed the next day after a big night – and also that it burns the calories in the drinks consumed. This is huge news – and will be particularly welcomed by those heading to parties over the forthcoming festive season and want to avoid developing a beer belly or setting themselves back regarding their health and fitness goals.”

For maximum effectiveness, two Myrkl supplements should be taken before drinking. Myrkl is also 100% natural and vegan, and the local authorities recognize all ingredients as safe.

myrkl hangover pills

Myrkl should never be an excuse to drink excess alcohol, and consumers should always respect alcohol consumption Government guidelines. Not suitable for those who are pregnant, breastfeeding or under the age of 18. 

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