Charley Boorman sits down with Danni Levy, Editor-in-Chief of Muscle and Health magazine for episode 2 of the podcast.

A noted motorbike enthusiast, Boorman is widely known for his long-distance motorcycle rides with longtime friend Ewan McGregor, documented in Long Way Round, Long Way Down and Long Way Up (Across 2004 – 2020). Their favorite method of travel? BMW R1150GS.

With lockdown restrictions hampering many travel plans at the moment, join us as we dive into conversation with Charley Boorman about:

  • Road blocks in Papua New Guinea
  • The disastrous trip, that almost wasn’t, to Mongolia
  • Guatemala, and the scary world of gang culture
  • The time they were almost arrested near Mount Everest thanks to a pilot who accidentally entered Chinese airspace
  • Riding through South America by electric motorbike, travelling from Argentina to Los Angeles
  • HIs family background, including his famous director father John Boorman who directed classics such as Point Blank, Deliverance and Excalibur, to name but a few. You might even spot Charley at the end of Deliverance, making a guest appearance as John Voight’s son
  • The motorbike crash that almost cost him his leg, and left him with an inch shorter in the left leg – but an everpresent go-get-em’ attitude
  • TV projects, including Charley Boorman’s own show By Any Means (2008) which saw him trcel from Wicklow, Ireland to Sydney, Australia using 112 methods of transport, including a 12-foot boat to cross the channel, and on an elephant
  • Unicef; Charley Boorman and Ewan McGregor’s chosen charity, in honour of supporting children where they can along their travels, as a way to dull the pain of leaving their own kids at home, and helping kids around the world have a safe space
  • And whether, they’ll convince NASA to build them motorbikes for a space excursion. The first motorcycles on the moon..financed by Elon Musk and bitcoin, now that’s a thought.

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