Best Shows On Streaming Platforms In April 2023

The best shows to watch on streaming platforms in April 2023

The best muscle, health and wealth shows to stream this April, featuring cricket corruption, a closer look at the porn industry and Italian court cases.

We’re diving straight into what’s streaming on the platforms this April so you never run out of things to watch.

Money Shot: The Pornhub Story

Stream on: Netflix

Release date: Watch now

Uncover the story of the PornHub saga and gain an insight into 21st-century porn, its roots, growth and controversies. One of the most-visited websites in the world is shown as a dull, grey office block consisting of open-plan cubicles and computers tracking data and advertising spend. The curtain is well and truly pulled back.

By speaking to sex workers, journalists, whistleblowers and victims, the latter of which were at the center of the company’s sex trafficking scandal, the documentary allows viewers to forge their own opinion on the shady world and deeply unsexy reality of the porn industry.

Matildas: The World at Our Feet

Stream on: Disney +

Release date: Wednesday, 26th April

An inspirational and intimate behind-the-scenes story of the CommBank Matildas – Australia’s women’s national football team. Following the stories of players including global superstar Sam Kerr, Ellie Carpenter, Mary Fowler and more, the Matildas reveal the sacrifices they’ve made and struggles they’ve endured as they strive to become the best in the world’s most popular sport.

Across six episodes, join the players on and off the field as they work towards their biggest challenge yet – the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 on home soil.

Ted Lasso (Season 3)

Stream on: Apple TV

Release date: Watch now

Now into its final season, Ted Lasso has become a worldwide hit thanks to Jason Sudekis’ stellar performance as the highly quotable American coach who conquers English shores with AFC Richmond, a fictional ‘soccer’ team promoted back to the Premier League in the shows second season.

Ted will grapple with one of life’s biggest questions in season three: Where do I belong? And regardless of whether he ultimately decides to stay in England or move back to Kansas to be nearer his son.

Boom! Boom! The World vs. Boris Becker

Stream on: Apple TV

Release date: Friday 7th April

Exploring the life of the iconic Becker, who became a tennis sensation when he won the first of his six majors at the age of just 17, and the story behind his glittering career, including 49 major career titles and an Olympic Gold.

Told over two parts, one of which premiered at the Berlin film festival, director Alex Gibney – who was responsible for the excellent The Armstrong Lie – the documentary is centered around two interviews with Becker. The first, in 2019, at the beginning of his latest round of scandal and financial allegations, before jumping forward to 2022, days before his first sentencing.

Alex Schwazer: Running for My Truth

Stream on: Netflix

Release date: Thursday, 13th April

The central figure of this tale is Italian racewalker Alex Schwazer, who retired during the 2012 Olympics after being disqualified for doping offenses. A six-year battle to prove his innocence has followed, with his complex story being examined across Netlfixs’ four-part documentary.

Follow Schwzers’s attempts to uncover the truth and clear his name as he enlists one of his accusers to help him make a comeback. All in time to compete in time for the Tokyo Olympics.

Caught Out: Crime, Corruption, Cricket

Watch on: Netflix

Release date: Watch nowNarrating India’s most controversial cricketing storm, this documentary lays bare the biggest match-fixing scandal that shattered the hopes and morals associated with the sport worshipped by millions.With a lineup of some of the biggest journalists and CBI officials, the match starts with an in-swinger from Manoj Prabhakar, who claims that he was offered 25 lakhs to play poorly in a game by a senior player. It only gets more eye-opening and shocking from there, with sting operations, the exposing of bookies and a network of corruption during the 1990s dissected.

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