Master The “Feller” BOSU Push-Up: The How-to Guide to Bossing The BOSU

Author: Mark Suslik
Photography by: Per Bernal

 Working a full-time job alongside grad school for my law degree didn’t leave me much free time. My workouts needed to be power-packed, efficient sessions that would deliver results.


This advanced exercise is all about athleticism and power, taking your push-up to the next level and leveraging your bodyweight for resistance. For beginners, start by using one BOSU ball, working your way up to two, then three.

How To Perform

Place three BOSU balls on the floor. Two about six inches apart, and one behind the two BOSU balls upfront at body length distance (your feet go on the rear BOSU ball so it will vary by individual height), it should look like a triangle. 

Start with your left foot on the back BOSU ball, and your left hand on the BOSU ball directly above it. 

As you explode from push-up position, raise your right hand and right foot off the ground, while simultaneously raising your left hand and left foot off the BOSU ball, and turn your body mid-air.

You should land with your right hand and right foot on the BOSU ball where your left hand started. 

Your left hand should land on the second BOSU ball upfront, with your left foot on the ground. 

Explode up again and continue to move your hands and feet as shown in the image. Ultimately, to get from one side of the BOSU balls to the other you will have performed three-explosive push-ups!


10-12 reps, of 2-4 sets

Keep in mind, one rep equates to three explosive push-ups to get from one side to the other.

Annihilate Your Glutes And Hamstrings With This Workout.

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