The NEAT Way to Build Summer Abs

The NEAT Way to Build Summer Abs

Get summer ready with our guide to building a six-pack that you can’t wait to show off

If you want a summer six-pack that hits different, you need to work different. Visible, vascular, shredded abs that push against the skin for maximum impact are best served NEAT.

Here’s how! 

Movement is Medicine

“No amount of HIIT workouts, cardio machines or fat burning supplements will reveal your abs if you’re consuming more calories than you’re burning off,” explains transformation coach Jake Abbott.

“Whilst consistency with your baseline nutrition is key for energy and sustainable fat loss, abs aren’t just made in the kitchen, so more movement is key. 

six pack abs

“Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT) represents daily energy expenditure resulting from spontaneous physical activity that is not specifically the result of deliberate exercise. NEAT energy expenditure accounts for the second largest proportion of calories we expend each day (after our BMR) and can help you to shed unwanted fat faster. Sweaty cardio sessions are great, but moving as much as you possibly can on a daily basis will help you to shoot for the six-pack much sooner.

“When it comes to calculating a calorie deficit from your BMR and NEAT combined, hiring a coach to create this for you will negate a lot of the leg work. Alternatively, sites like Cronometer can help you to formulate the perfect macro plan.”

How to Increase the Size of Abdominal Muscle Tissue

“Abdominal muscles are attached to the rib cage, so by expanding and contracting the rib cage, we effectively contract and lengthen the abs,” says Jake. “This is known as concentric and eccentric force and can be achieved via bodyweight exercises or with machines and load (plates, dumbbells, cables). A combination of these different stimuluses will work best.”

The Ultimate Ab-Busting Superset Routine 

Ready to get into the actual workout…

Ultimate Ab-Busting Superset Routine 

Superset 1

Swiss ball, banded crunches 3 x 15-20

Ab crunch machine 3 x to failure 

Superset 2

Cable rope crunches 3 x 15-20

Hanging leg raises/knee raises 3 x 10-15

Perform both supersets 2 – 3 times a week

Jake Abbott is a Former elite-level professional rugby player and respected bodybuilder. He uses his sports science experience to deliver bespoke coaching, effective nutrition and periodized training programs.


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