The Trion Total Body Pump

Pump yourself back into shape with this perfect full-body session. Complete it with full focus, at a slow and controlled tempo for meticulous execution and maximum muscle recruitment.

Warm-up  2 sets with 30 sec rest

1. Spider lunge with rotation- 12 reps

This is probably one of the greatest dynamic warm-up stretches you can perform. Opens the hip, stretching out the hamstrings and mobilizing the T-spine. All in one simple movement. Alternate reps on each side so you perform a total of 12 reps.

2. Cossack squat- 12 REPS

This is a challenging exercise for many, but one that you can benefit greatly from. It opens up the hips and is also good for inner thigh (adductors) mobility. Try to keep a tall spine through the entire movement and don’t lift the heel of the leg your sitting down on off the ground, in order to go deeper into the movement. Alternate from side to side until you have performed 12 reps.

3. Hip hinge overhead stick raise with pump- 12 REPS

Push your hips back into a hinge position and keep your core engaged throughout the entire movement. To increase activation in your upper back muscles, imagine trying to tear the stick apart by pulling to the sides with your hands. Perform 12 reps.

Superset  3 sets with 90 sec rest

4. One-leg Romanian deadlifts- 12 reps on each side

Go slowly down by pushing your hip back and make sure you’re keeping your body straight all the way from your foot up to your shoulder. Pause 2 seconds in the bottom position before driving your hips forward and standing back up again by engaging and squeezing your glutes. Perform 12 reps on one leg and then go straight into the next exercise using the other leg.

5. One-leg glute bridge with hold- 30-45 sec

To ensure you’re maintaining a good spine position and not arching your back during this exercise, drive the elevated knee up and towards your chest at the same time as you’re engaging your abs. Push yourself up to the engaged position through your heels and squeeze your glutes as much as you can. Hold for 30-45 seconds, then relax and thereafter immediately start over with the first exercise of the superset on the other leg before resting.

Superset 3 sets with 90 sec rest

6. Narrow elevated heel squat- 10 REPS

Now it’s time to really get those quads working hard! Place the bar as high on your back as possible to make is easier to maintain an upright torso position. Hit the brakes hard on the negative phase to make sure you are going down in a really slow tempo, aim for a 5 sec count. Go as deep as your mobility allows without losing form. Pause 2 sec at the bottom position then get back up in a faster, but still controlled pace. Try to feel your quads being the boss of the movement. Don’t pause at the top, instead resume the negative phase of the lift again as soon as your legs are almost fully extended. Perform 8-10 reps.

7. Assisted sissy squats, to failure (as many reps as possible)

Raise your heels off the ground and fully lock your hips out (al- ways push the hip forward). Try to feel as though you are trying to let your knees touch the ground as far away from you as possible. Use your hands as support but try to keep it to a minimum. Raise yourself back up from the bottom position and do as many reps as possible to really feel the burn!

Superset- 3 sets with 90 sec rest

8. Olympic ring isometric hold 30-40 sec

Go down so that you feel a slight amount of stretch in your pecs. Hold there for around 30-40 sec and continuously fight against gravity by pushing with your pecs. Make sure to maintain a good spine position by engaging your core and squeezing your glutes all the time during the hold.

9. Dumbbell floor press 8-12 reps

Cement those shoulders to the floor throughout the entire movement.Make sure to move the weights slowly and really focus
on squeezing your pecs as hard as possible every rep. Perform 8-12 reps.

10. Half kneeling single arm lat pulldowns-  10 reps on each side

Pull your elbow down and back towards your hip. Squeeze your lat muscle hard and make sure your chest is pointed up slightly towards the sky. Focus on working hard on the eccentric phase and slowly let your lat stretch out almost fully before you pull and contract hard again. Perform 10 reps on each side.

11. Single arm gorilla rows- 10 reps on each side

Keep your stance wide, spread your knees and keep your back straight by “sitting” back with your hips during the entire movement. Pick a heavy kettlebell and perform a strong pull off the floor, maintaining good control of the weight in the negative phase. Perform 10 reps on each side.

Single exercise. 3 sets with a 90 sec rest

12. Renegade rows- 12 reps

This session is more of a core and finisher exercise, so pick a width of your stance that makes you work hard to keep both feet pressed hard against the floor and your hips as stable as possible throughout the movement. The same goes for the dumbbells, here’s an opportunity to test your limits and see how heavy you can go without compromising on form. But don’t go too heavy so you just throw the dumbbells around without control, that won’t be helpful for anyone! Perform 12 heavy reps.

Take your arms to agony with this brutal, but highly-effective workout.

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