Want a six pack

Want a Six Pack? This Will Tell You Everything You Need to Know

Author: Adam Berry

Some say that abs are made in the kitchen. Others argue that if you compound lift correctly, your core should be getting a good enough workout as it is.

We all have abs. The difference between seeing them, or not, is your body fat percentage, and that is dictated by what you do in the kitchen; #caloriedeficit.

For men, it’s easier to get to the body fat percentages needed to visibly see your six pack: around 8%-12%. For women, it’s more like 15%–20%, because women naturally have higher body fat percentage levels.


Set a calorie deficit into a window between your Basal Metabolic Rate and your Goal Body Weight in pounds x12 and make sure your protein intake is around 1g-1.2g per pound of Total Body Mass.
Therefore, if you weigh 200lbs you need to be eating around 200–240g of protein a day.


Follow a progressive strength training program, prioritizing this list of compound lifts:


Man does deadlifts for a six pack

Bench Press

Man doing bench presses for abs

Squat (front or back loaded)

Woman performs front loaded squats


Bodybuilder does pull ups


Gym goer on rowing machine

Overhead Press

Want a six pack woman does presses

These moves will naturally engage your core musculature to make sure that your spine isn’t extending or flexing too much during the movements.

Focus on these as the main move of your workout and give them your full attention and focus.
As a finisher, try incorporating a HIIT style ab workout; because if you want to see them, you do need to train them.

5 sets of 40 secs — Cable Crunch

Bodybuilder doing cable crunches

20 secs — Rest

40 secs  of  Hanging Leg Raise

Hanging leg raises

20 secs — Rest

40 secs  of  Long Lever Plank

Woman does long lever plank for six pack abs

20 secs — Rest

40 secs  of Bicycle Crunch

Bicycle crunches

60 secs rest

Do this circuit at least three times a week at the end of a workout, and your abs will really start to shine through…

Want more? Here’s how to get Bulletproof Abs.

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