Last week we dove into a conversation with our cover star and strongman Eddie Hall, this week…Thor bites back with his take on:

  • His rivalry with Eddie and their upcoming boxing match is being billed as the ‘Heaviest Boxing match in History.’
  • His current training base of Dubai, where he’s been training hard for the past five weeks for his next match with arm-wrestling champ and legend Devon Larratt
  • The inside scoop on what the World’s Strongest Man eats in preparation: spoiler, it involves 10k calories per day across SEVEN meals!
  • The decade he’s spent as a ‘strongman’, what it feels like to compete in the sport, and the amazing feeling of breaking several world records
  • How delicious the future looks as he gears up for launching his own Skyr-inspired high protein yogurt range, Thor Skyr.

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