By Samantha Yardley

Morning wood: Understood! It’s plagued inquisitive minds for an eternity, just what is it about the AM that causes your manhood to go full salute? Spoiler alert: it’s not a pee-boner. 

Turns out the secret behind the sunrise stiffy isn’t that hard after all. This commonplace conundrum is the sign of a well-functioning internal homeostatic process and is due to the intricate timings of the body’s production of testosterone alongside blood flow being centralized down below.

Anthony Puopolo, chief medical officer at RexMD explains: “Morning erections may seem mysterious because they are often not associated with sexual thoughts, but there are three factors that can have an impact on its causes: sleep quality, hormone levels, and timing. While sexual dreams can result in erections, the deep level of sleep during dreaming and the increased production of testosterone can result in an erection happening several times over the course of a single night.



Once the body enters REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep, blood flow can be centralized in the penile region, and this coupled with the greater amount of testosterone levels produced during rest, can lead to an erection. The timing comes into play if one awakes close enough to the REM sleep stage in which the body has not yet adjusted to its awoken state. Although it differs in each individual, morning erections are a common occurrence and are the result of the normal and healthy internal functions of men.

Unbeknownst to most men, morning glory isn’t actually just limited to when you wake, in fact, most men experience multiple hard-ons over the course of one night’s sleep. Dr. Laura Purdyfounding, national medical director for RiseMedical says: “Although morning erections occur in the morning, they are carried over from what we call nocturnal erections. Every man will have three-to-four nocturnal erections a night, which occur during REM sleep. Most men will not even be aware of this while they are sleeping, but if they awake from or near a phase of REM sleep, they may notice interaction first thing in the morning. This often resolves shortly after waking.


Men who have sleep disorders such as obstructive sleep apnoea, do not go into REM sleep as often and so they often do not have as many nocturnal and morning erections.” 

So, the next time you’re inconvenienced by your breakfast boner, remember that it’s a totally normal indication of a healthy hormone balance that you can always use to help make it a very good morning indeed!


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