Digital portrait of Sly Stallone

The Digital Portraits giving Spitting Image Toons a Run for their Money

British satirical puppet show, Spitting Image is back and bringing the world’s top players to life through innovative creations guaranteed to captivate a television audience. The show’s caricaturist Roger Law’s work exudes passion, flair and originality whilst portraying the somewhat gruesome features of each subject’s personalities.

Albert Rafaelevich, a digital cartoonist from Uzbekistan does the opposite. Taking strong, overpowering char-actors, he creates digital portraits to reflect their power whilst striking a counterbalance by using calm, pastel colors and opting for warm, friendly facial expressions.

“I am always faced with a difficult choice when it comes to the style and color of each drawing.” says Albert.

“Today, I like calm pastel colors. The drawing style is very technical and the goal is to create long-term admiration for my works. Sometimes I alter a drawing many times before I’m fully satisfied with it. I study nature and philosophy and this influences my work.”

Check out Albert’s insta for more tantalizing pieces at @albert.rafaelevich
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