5 Tips on Having Shower Sex

Get Dirty in The Shower: 5 Tips on Having Shower Sex, According to A Sexpert

Make your next shower a steamy one with 5 shower sex tips from a sexpert. Because duo showering saves on the water bill, right?

Shower sex can be a great way to spice things up with your partner and be a fun alternative to exploring each other’s bodies. With the BBC predicting that temperatures will reach scorching heights this summer, shower sex is also a zesty way to cool down in the summer heat. 

Logistically, the combination of steam, slipperiness, and limited space has the potential to make shower sex a possible nightmare, though. Lovehoney’s recent study revealed that as many as one in three (37%) Brits have suffered from a sex injury, so with this in mind, they partnered with a sex expert to provide tips on avoiding sex injuries when things get steamy in the shower. 

5 Tips for Satisfying (And Injury-Free) Shower Sex

Ness Cooper, Sexologist at The Sex Consultant, shared her top tips for having seamless shower sex. 

1. Give your partner a warning 

“When engaging in shower sex, it may be worth letting your partner know beforehand, as you don’t want a slippery accident to happen. While it’s a pleasant surprise for a partner to join in during a shower, due to the noise, steam, and compact area, it can be a bit of a shock to those not expecting it.”

2. Experiment 

“Experimenting with the showerhead can be a fun way to explore sensations together and some ladies can experience clitoral orgasms from the gushing water onto their vulva. There are sex toy attachments for showerheads that can be explored, from dildos to douches if you’re interested in using those with a partner.”

3. Safety first 

“If you want to be extra adventurous with positions during shower sex, be aware that it can be slippery. Checking any fittings you may be leaning against beforehand for stability may be advisable. Some suction devices are designed to withstand body weight while in the shower. Some sex toy shops stock these, but if not, don’t be shy to explore the mobility section in general stores, as footrests and similar can add new ways to explore positions.”

4. Try different positions 

“Spooning your partner from behind while standing can give access to g-spot penetration or even anal sex – some couples may prefer to engage in anal in the shower due to easy clean-up. This position also allows hands to wander over the partner being spooned and adds to the sensuality.”

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