Six Steps to a Show Stopping Six Pack

Lony Pizarro travelled to the US as a frail, bullied immigrant from Venezuela in search of the American Dream. Through sheer hard work and determination, he became NYC’s Next Top Fitness Model.

“Together, we can show the world how to live the life of their dreams and fight unprecedented rates of obesity, heart disease and diabetes,” he says. “Life is full of unlocked potential.”

Don’t train your abs like the rest of your body

The last thing you want is a big blocky waist. What you’re really after is a shredded, lean six-pack. In order to achieve this, focus on burning off that fat that’s covering your abs, whilst simultaneously strengthening the muscle fibers. This can be achieved with high repetitions and reduced rest periods.

Don’t relax your core

Engage your core at all times. It’s important to maintain tension when performing each and every movement. Your focus should be put on feeling the muscle working with each repetition. Most people don’t truly learn this for many years and when they finally do, they start seeing results!

Don’t focus on one muscle

Learn a little about the human anatomy. You don’t need a degree, but it is crucial to understand the abs are made
up of six major muscle groups and the fibers run in different directions. These include the rectus abdominis, transverse abdominis, and external and internal obliques. Each muscle performs a different action, such as trunk rotation, spinal flexion, or stabilization.

Kneeling Superman with Cross Body Crunch – 30 seconds per side

It’s very important you round your back resulting in spinal flexion and fully extend by reaching forwards and kicking back as far as you can. Imagine you’re reaching for the

Stability Ball Side Plank with Lateral Raise – 45 seconds per side

Start by placing your elbow directly beneath your shoulder. Focus on pushing down on the ball with your hand whilst keeping the working arm completely straight. Make sure you
don’t drop your hips.

Plank with Kick Through – 30 seconds

Intentionally engage your transverse abdominis and obliques by rotating your hips rather than leading with the foot.

Twisting Side Plank – 30 seconds

This should be a smooth transition from side to side, per- formed by twisting your hips. Make sure you keep your abs tight for the entire duration of the movement. Your rib cage should not expand.

Medicine Ball Sit-Up – 45 seconds

Your back will be leaving the floor completely for this movement. Make sure you reach for the ceiling rather than reaching forwards.

Medicine Ball Side Crunch – 30 seconds per side

Focus on sliding the hand that’s on the ground as far forwards as you can whilst only lifting the shoulder from the
working side of the ground.

Get a red carpet-worthy body by following the A-List training split from celebrity superstar trainer Magnus Lygdbäck.

Photography by Per Bernal

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