By Samantha Yardley 

However you choose to spend your time, in today’s fast-paced digital world there’s likely a virtual reality-enabled option to amplify your experience. From wingsuit flying over photo-realistic famous summits from the comfort of your living room to feeling like your boardroom present at your morning meeting from anywhere in the world. There’s an VR experience to enhance every life scenario.

Muscle and Health carefully selected our best VR tech picks for 2022 to push all the right buttons. It’s time to get your tech up to spec! 

1- Oculus Quest 2 

 £299 / $299 

2- Meeting Owl Pro

 £999 / $999

3- VIVE Pro 2 

£1299 / $1399

4- RiVR Classroom in a Box 

£6000 / $9500

5- ICAROS Cloud 

£690 / $1120 

6- ICAROS Home 

£ 1,540 / $2499 

7- ICAROS Pro 

 £8,240 / $11,199

Technology moves at an alarming pace! Swot up on how you can incorporate VR products to up your fitness game with The Sensation of Fitness Tracking Apps: Technology Meets Fitness

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