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What the cuff! Navigating dating during cuffing season

It’s the season to cuddle up to someone for a short time only, navigate this cuffing season.

Navigating dating during cuffing season – It’s the season to cuddle up close with someone, even if it’s only for the next few months. 

Tis the season to be freezing our toes off, and with fuel bills rising rapidly, we’re all looking for a way to keep warm during the colder months. 

You’re not along in trying to combat the winter blues while navigating dating. Like penguins huddling together for warmth, humans can be found doing the very same thing and searching for a partner to cozy up with over the winter period. 

When the weather starts to change for the worse, hibernation is more fun with a special someone next to you.

It’s time for cuffing season…

What is the cuffing season?

With Christmas labeled as “the most wonderful time of the year”, spending it alone doesn’t appeal to many. Neither does the thought of going on the dating scene, walking from pub to club in search of romance. 

Cuffing is a term that describes couples who join forces to share the holiday season together for a short term relationship. It’s a ritual that seems to be getting even more popular with single folk not wanting to spend the coldest months of the year alone. 

Yes, there are people out there wanting to find that special someone for a serious relationship, but if you’re up for cuffing, don’t be surprised if the coupling doesn’t last much past early springtime.  

It’s a short-term relationship, but it does come with benefits.

Those looking to be “cuffed” or “tied down” by a relationship during the cold months are prompted by the fact that they don’t particularly enjoy being inside on their own during the cold season. 

It’s not surprising then that single folk are jumping on the trend, putting their cards on the table and saying, “I don’t want to be alone this Christmas.”

When does the cuffing season begin?

There’s no official start date, but it’s a good idea to get your ducks lined up and be prepared in advance. Cuffing tends to begin in late fall or early December as the weather changes and people’s routines are affected by the weather. 


And it’s not just a fad; there’s an actual scientific explanation to all this. When the temperature drops towards the end of the year, there is often a mood change. This is connected with the serotonin in your body. 

This means that dark, cold nights can trigger intense feelings of loneliness. This can cause seasonal affective disorder (SAD), so it’s no surprise that people are looking for company to try to offset these feelings. It’s a healthy way to overcome SAD and feelings of loneliness.

How do I navigate dating and find a cuffing partner?

Well, the fact is it’s never been easier. Anyone who has used dating apps will know that you can put all your cards on the table and let your prospective partner know that you’re looking for companionship for the winter months. 

If you’re both looking for the same thing, that’s great. It’s probably a good idea when navigating dating to check your partner’s hobbies, favorite TV shows, and movies. An action movie fan paired up with a rom-com junkie isn’t going to be a cuffing made in heaven. 

Spending time together intimately means you’ll need to ensure excellent communication levels. Running out of conversation could turn into a very long winter.

So what are the cuffing rules?

There’s nothing set in stone, but you both must know what each other expects right from the start and respect each other’s physical boundaries. If one of you is looking for a long-term partner and the other is planning to head for the hills come March, it will be a bit of a shock for one of you. 

Set the boundaries right from the start, and decide how intimate you are planning to get. 

Are you going to spend every day together or just on specific days? 

Are you going to test the water to see if this might turn into a longer-term relationship? 

Do you want to go to family gatherings together? 

Like any relationship, you should be looking for a parter who wants the same things. Set boundaries right from the start.

What are the cuffing downsides?

Navigating dating and choosing a person to who you want to settle down with over the holidays and can relate is something that tends not to happen overnight. Numerous swipes, chats and dates may eventually lead you to someone you are compatible with. The chance of finding someone in such a short space might be an ask. 

You also might find that you develop stronger feelings for your cuffing partner and decide to continue after the cuffing season and find that the feeling isn’t mutual. 

Don’t go booking a couple’s summer holiday just yet. Check in on each other regularly to see how you think the relationship is going. Communication is key and future plans should be discussed.


Navigating dating and choosing potential partners for the fall and winter season can also put additional pressure on the relationship. You might spot things about that person you dislike entirely that you hadn’t noticed before. 

You’ll feel you have committed to the relationship for a few months and might need to stick it out. DON’T! 

Being in a low-quality relationship will likely be worse for your mental health than being alone. If you find your partner is mentally or physically abusive to you, then the rules still apply as they would to any relationship- get out NOW! 

Should I get a cuff buddy?

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself when navigating dating in the cuffing season. The cold weather season can be fine on your own too. You might not find your winter partner, and that’s okay. There’s nothing wrong with spending the winter months on your own. Chill and watch some movies. Catch up with family and friends you’ve not seen for a while.  Cuffing seasons come and go and if not this year, maybe the next.

On the other hand, if you do find someone, that’s great. It’s nice to spend time with a special someone, especially at a time of year when you’re feeling low. Finding the right person might be tricky, but if you can accept the rules of cuffing and you and your partner are on the same page throughout, cuffing could be the ideal solution to an otherwise quiet and lonely winter.

Happy cuffing!

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