Beiron Andersson

Hollywood? No Thanks!

As one of the first ever male supermodels, Beiron Andersson strutted his stuff alongside the likes of Naomi Campbell. Born in Sweden, he relocated to the US at the age of 17 to study and improve his English.

Beiron Andersson, 54, enjoyed a 90s modelling career that led to movie offers most wouldn’t refuse, but he now prefers making magic on the other side of the lens.

“As a young student in LA, I thought I’d contact some modelling agencies with the intention of making some extra cash on the side,” says Beiron.

“I literally had no expectations, but I contacted twelve and all but one snapped me up right away. When I started getting calls for poster shoots that paid $1,500 for one hour’s work, I thought ‘this is good, I’ll do a bit more of this’ Back in the early 90’s that was a lot of money.

“I shot for the Levi’s print campaign and was plastered all over the GUESS billboards alongside Anna Nicole Smith.”

Bodybuilder working out

“I spent my days being flown on all-expenses-paid trips to exotic locations to shoot with the most beautiful women in the world, and I got paid a fortune for the privilege,” says Beiron. “But I had fallen in love, got married and had a daughter and after four years living the high life, I decided it was time to hang up the posing hat and settle down outside of LA.”

Beiron and wife Tina left the bright lights of Hollywood behind and headed up north to settle down. But it wasn’t long before the phone rang.

“I got a call from a high-profile agent looking for ‘the next big thing’ to play the lead in the ‘Thelma & Louise’ movie,” says Beiron. “They were after someone young and good- looking to launch as the new star of Hollywood. I thought about it, but I’d moved away from the hustle and bustle and felt really content. They ended up casting Brad Pitt and allegedly referred to him as the ‘blonde version’ of me.

“When I tell the story of how I turned down movie superstardom on a plate, people think I’m nuts. My daughter even said I was stupid. But happiness has to come from within and for me, my home life is more important than fame and fortune.”

“I got a call from a high profile agent looking for ‘the next big thing’ to play the lead in the ‘Thelma & Louise’ movie. They ended up casting Brad Pitt and allegedly referred to him as the ‘blonde version’ of me.”

Male model taking off shirt

Perhaps the most enjoyable transition for Beiron was switching from hotel room workouts to intensive weights sessions.
“As a fashion model I had to keep my levels of muscularity pretty tame,” he says. “I had a membership at Gold’s but I was always travelling so most of my workouts were done inside a hotel room. I’d do a lot of cardio, crunches and push-ups, that kind of thing, and I was usually in a calorie deficit. Back then, physiques were less developed than they are now. It was a case of staying trim and having visible abs. I had to drop 20 pounds for the Levi’s campaign. They were stuck at my knees! But my real passion was for serious fitness.

“When I quit modelling, the first thing I did was start training harder. I adopted a powerbuilding program to combine powerlifting with bodybuilding. This hybrid of training styles gives me strength, explosive power, muscle side and definition and cardiovascular fitness all rolled into one.

“I shot for the Levi’s print campaign and was plastered all over the GUESS billboards alongside Anna Nicole Smith.”

“Some days I go 100% and mix high intensity, high reps with drop sets and other days I leave some in the tank. This helps to keep my testosterone levels high naturally and reduces recovery time.”
When he’s not keeping in tip-top shape, Beiron still enjoys a passion for photos, but now sits behind the camera.

“I always loved photography and used to photograph the other models during my lunch hour, but this often wasn’t well received when I was supposed to be a model myself,” he says. “I have turned my hobby into a career, and I love photographing physiques and landscapes. Put an awe- some body on a beautiful natural backdrop and you have an aesthetically pleasing set-up. I thrive on creativity and I’m an absolute perfectionist.”

Beiron designed his own dream home in which he lives with his wife, son and daughter in the City of Chico, CA. The abundance of wildlife surrounding the property alongside his own collection of animals serve as a welcome reminder he made the right decision saying no to Hollywood.

“If I could turn back the clock today and take Brad Pitt’s place, I wouldn’t do it,” says Beiron. “I am confident I made the right decision and I couldn’t be more content.”

Beiron Andersson topless


Breakfast: 4 toast, scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, hot chocolate made with whole milk, honey and raw cocoa

Lunch and dinner: Farm-raised homegrown chicken and eggs or red meat with plenty of green veg or salad

“I love meat and always consume full-fat products,” he says. “If I’m cutting, I usually cut out all alcohol and reduce my dairy and carb intake for around eight weeks.”

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Images: Per Bernal
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