Virtual Reality Fitness in The Metaverse Is Here to Stay

By Stephen Prior    VR technology is finally consumer ready, and it’s growing rapidly. Due to changing gym and fitness habits over the past two years, today’s gym-goers simply put on their VR headset, enter the Metaverse, and are instantly transported to their gym of choice.  No need for a gym bag or communal showers. […]

The Marvel That Is Alecs Paunovic

By Samatha Yardley   Aleks Paunovic shined in the post-apocalyptic Netflix smash Snowpiercer. Next up, he joins the epic Marvel franchise to play villain Ivan in the hotly anticipated Hawkeye.   How did you find filming for such an iconic comic book role in your latest Marvel series? It was such an honor. It’s the […]

How Heineken Have Shaped Up

By Danni Levy   You Can Now ‘Live Wright’ and have a pint, says TV-Star Mark Wright   “Heineken 0.0 Draught brings No and Low-alcohol beer from the periphery into the mainstream,” says James Crampton, Corporate Affairs Director for Heineken UK. “In time, it won’t be unusual for people to pop down to their local […]

Alexia Echevarria- The Cuban Business Barbie

By Samantha Yardley Photography by Gerardo Briceno   Alexia Echevarria is back on screens for a new installment of the Real Housewives of Miami. But don’t be fooled by her pristine housewife image, there’s more than meets the eye to this self-proclaimed Cuban Barbie. Perfectly polished and easily passing for a woman half her age, […]

The Muscle and Health JUST RUN Competition Results Are In

Hearing your stories and watching your progress as participants got stuck in to the Muscle and Health JUST RUN competition has been awesome! Muscle and Health were  proud of everyone who not only stayed the course, but also are continuing to run as part of their exercise routine. From the hundreds of participants, we are […]

“Martyn Ford Fled” Claims The Iranian Hulk

By Danni Levy   After the shocking news of the cancellation Of Martyn Ford vs The Iranian Hulk’s O2 boxing showdown broke, theorists went into overdrive trying to work out which man monster pulled out first.    “He is more of a virtual clown than a fighter” Speaking exclusively to Muscle and Health, Sajad Gharibi […]

Russell Hornsby – The New Don King

By Danni Levy Photography by Per Bernal   Bright-eyed, vibrant, and a whole lotta fun! Hollywood veteran Russell Hornsby looks every inch the troublesome teen in his high school letterman jacket. We sat down with the legend himself for an insight into what it’s like playing Don King, working with 50 Cent, and keeping the […]

Look Who’s Cooking

By Danni Levy   Having a character created for you by Steven Spielberg is kind of a big deal, even if you’re Curtiss Cook. Best known for playing ‘Douda’ on the Showtime coming-of-age series The Chi, we prized the fitness fanatic away from training and sat him down to get inside the mind of a […]